A Typical Day

For children not attending the early session, parents drop off the children at 9.15 am, when the work of learning through play begins.  Activities are numerous; both adult led and child initiated, and include lots of messy play with materials such as water, clay, cornflour gloop, painting, sand and shaving foam.

We play outside in our spacious playground in all sorts of weathers. During the morning we have a café-style snacks table where the children come and help themselves to bread, crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables and water or milk to drink.  This allows them to make decisions about when to leave their play and eat.

We are very fortunate to have fantastic resources and a large space to learn in.  Children can build on small and large scale, move to music, create paintings, models, role play areas, practise their writing skills numeracy knowledge and story telling.

Towards the end of the morning we collectively tidy up the resources used and then settle down for a story and some nursery rhymes and songs.

Children then move from the session to the lunch club, held in our spacious second room, where they eat their packed lunches provided by parents.  Adults help with opening packets and also sit with the children and chat about the day, interests etc.  The lunch club lasts for an hour and then the children go back in to the afternoon playgroup session, or go home.

The afternoon often begins with a quiet time, reflecting on what was in our packed lunch box, what we would like to do during the afternoon and then moves into a music and movement time. At the end of the session children will either go home with their parents, or will be welcomed into the late session.

Children have many opportunities to choose their own activity and adults are highly skilled in the care and education they provide for the children.  We welcome children with Special Educational Needs and have staff who have specialist knowledge of many different needs. Our belief is that if a child is treated with respect, modelled the correct way of interacting with others and congratulated for achievements, then he/she will be confident to learn.