Our Fees

Free Childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds

From the term after their third birthday, until they start school, your child is entitled to fifteen hours per week in a registered early years setting.  This includes lunch club as well as educational sessions.  You will be asked to fill in an Application Form and supply proof of your child’s identification such as a birth certificate; the original document will need to be seen. This will be copied and returned to you immediately. Please ensure you do not leave the building without it.
If for any reason your child is absent from a session; illness or holiday for example, it is essential that you inform Playgroup as soon as possible and preferably in writing. We are subject to regular checks of the register to ensure children are attending all the sessions claimed for. If for any reason Playgroup found itself in the position of being penalised for any un-notified absences, parents would be asked to refund the group for the lost revenue.

30 hours free childcare

We are pleased to announce that from Spring 2019, the Duchy Preschool are now offering 30 hours free childcare to some children of working parents who may be eligible for extra free early education and childcare. Find out more about the extended entitlement.

numbersIf you want your child to attend more than fifteen/thirty funded hours, or you are using all or part of the Early Years Grant at another setting, our fees are very reasonable at £4.75 per hour for 3 and 4-year-0lds.

Any parent having difficulty paying their fees should notify the administrator or chairperson immediately and further arrangements may be made. It is playgroup policy to go to court to recover unpaid fees.

For 2 year olds our fees are £6.00 per hour because of the higher numbers of staff required.

We are registered with Ofsted to take children from 2 years. Because we are  required to have a higher ratio of staff to children aged under 3, we need to charge parents at a higher rate (as above). We have tried to keep this price as low as possible, so we may sometimes need to restrict which sessions we make available to children under 3.
We do not charge a registration fee for Local Authority funded or for parent funded sessions. Some parents may qualify for funding for children below 3 years old under the 2-year-old funding scheme. We are also registered to accept childcare vouchers.
Please contact us for more details.

Fees and times for Before and After school club.

On days when we are open for early years children, we also run a Before and After School Club for children attending The Duchy Primary School in Bowley Meadow. The session times and fees are as below:

Early Drop Off: 07:45 – 08.00 – £2
Breakfast session: 08.00 to school registration; includes light breakfast and a walking bus to school. Costs £6.00 per session. Children must be dropped off by 08:20 in order to be on time for the walking bus – earlier if they need breakfast. We cannot delay this as other children may be late for registration at school.
Teatime session: End of the normal school day to 17:00; includes walking bus from school and a light tea. Costs £8.40 per session. Please note that we cannot operate a second additional walking bus if your children attends an after school club as we must maintain statutory Ofsted ratios of staff to children.
Late session: This is an additional session which runs form 17:00 to 18:00, for parents who work longer hours or who have further to travel. This costs £4.80 per session.
School settling in sessions: During the first two weeks in September, we also run an afternoon sessions for children new to The Duchy Primary School to assist parents who need to work whilst the school is operating half day settling in sessions. We collect children at lunchtime and bring them up to the preschool by walking bus. Please inquire for prices and availability if this service would be useful to you.