Our Staff

Donna Lobb

Donna is the setting’s Deputy Managing Supervisor and the SENCo lead. She works Monday to Wednesday, supervising sessions on Mondays and Tuesday afternoons. She is the person to go to for advice on play activities and for younger and less able children.

Vicky Geach

Vicky is another member of our staff who started as a volunteer and then became a part of our team as a fully paid up member. Vicky is returning to childcare after having her own children. She works as a member of the lunch club team and in sessions. Vicky has a calming influence on children who are upset and will often be found in the book corner reading to a captivated audience of children.

Leonie Fisher 

Naomi Lee

Jo Oliver

Hanna Keylock 

Ann Hodkinson

Katherine Ward

Valarie Jarrett

Kasia Howard – Administrator