A Typical Day


We welcome children from 7.45, the children are offered a light breakfast, which includes cereals, buttered toast and milk or water to drink.

We are very fortunate to have fantastic resources and a large space to learn in.

Children can build on small and large scale, move to music, create paintings, models, role play areas, practise their writing skills numeracy knowledge and story telling.

During the morning we have a café-style snacks table where the children come and help themselves to bread, crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables and water or milk to drink. This allows them to make decisions about when to leave their play and eat.

It’s then time to explore our large garden, where we have a range of resources to explore, from a mud kitchen, water tray, climbing equipment, construction area and large loose parts for the children to use their imaginations and build to their heart’s content.

Our morning session ends at 12pm and while those children prepare to go home, the others sit for a story and get ready for their lunch.


Lunch is a social time and we encourage the staff to join the children and have their lunch too. We talk about the morning and what the children have learnt and discuss what we would like to do in the afternoon.


The afternoon often begins with a quiet time, reflecting on what we have learned during the morning and what we would like to do during the afternoon.

Those children not staying for the evening session leave at 3pm and those that do stay have the opportunity to choose what activities they would like to do.  Sometimes those children may have the special job of helping to pick the school children up from school.

Once the school children arrive the children sit down to a light tea and a drink, before they have the opportunity to explore the continuous provision.

Children have many opportunities to choose their own activity and adults are highly skilled in the care and education they provide for the children.

We welcome children with Special Educational Needs and have staff who have specialist knowledge of many different needs. Our belief is that if a child is treated with respect, modelled the correct way of interacting with others and congratulated for achievements, then he/she will be confident to learn.